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Bring your bottling operation in house

with patented bottling technology

See how are small platform bottle fillers and cappers can help you achieve your bottling goals.

What is Rocky Mountain PLC?

We are an automation company that specializes in the bottling industry.

Experience a level of quality in both design & customization works.

Bottle Filling News

Designing bottling equipment to fill high viscosity fluids fast and precise!


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Frequently asked questions

When you purchases a bottling machine from us we make strive to make it plug in play. The bottling machines include everything you need to start filling.

Bottle Fillers
  • Bottle filler
  • Electrical cabinet
  • 10" Computer screen
  • 1 Bottle positioning tray made to your bottle specifications
  • EXTRA: FDA Approved food grade tubing.
Bottle Capper
  • Bottle Capper
  • Electrical cabinet
  • 10" Computer screen
  • 4 Bottle capping liners

It's important to know that using our fillers your product only comes in contact with the tubing and the nozzle. This makes cleaning fast and easy. The tubing can be cleaned many ways depending on your processes. Some ideas for cleaning are listed below.

  • Autoclave the tubing.
  • Run a sanitizer though the line
  • Run cleaning fluids though the line such as ethanol.
You can run 300-3600 bottles an hour depending on the bottling machine setup and bottle volumes.
Yes, unlike are competitors we have our peristaltic pumps custom built to work for your products. Our fillers are filling everything from water, coffee, honey, essential oil, CBD, lotions, condiments and more everyday. This filler was designed first for the CBD industry filling tinctures. No filler on the market could fill the high viscosity oils repeatable. This filler fixes all this. If you are looking to save money on fast repeatable fills every time this filler is for you.
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Start bottling with RMPLC

Rocky Mountain PLC gives you everything you need to start bottling in house. Fill, cap, and label in house on our small foot print, high output bottling machines!