Matrix Bottle Fillers

Patented bottle filling equipment. These are the fastest and most accurate table top bottle filler on the market. We build them in house from the ground up.

Matrix Bottle Cappers

A patented capping machine that works with the matrix filler by taking the bottling tray out of the matrix filler and loading it into the matrix capper.

Universal Syringe Pump

Using the easy to use matrix controls. This system automates many syringes on the market! Safe yours hands and start using a syringe pump!


We offer competitive financing on all our equipment from Navitas Credit Corp.

3 bottle filler cabinets

Our Capabilities

We are an automation company that specializes in the bottling industry. We focus on the design & customization of table top bottling.

Bring your bottling operation in house with patented bottling technology

See how are small platform bottle fillers and cappers can help you achieve your bottling goals.

Modular Design

The modular design lets you pick between 1 to 6 nozzles to archive 600 to 3600 bottles an hour. The 12" x 12" or 12" x 29" filling platform will make it easy to fill small tinctures to large containers.


Our machines can handle low to high viscosity. We have peristaltic pumps custom designed to fit your bottling application. We have filling machines filling a wide range of products from heath drinks, wine, make up, lotions, CBD tinctures and essential oils and condiment's.

Unlimited Speed

The matrix bottling systems are able to achieve outputs of larger conveyor systems using our patent pending matrix design.

Updated 8-4-2021


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